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"Coach Chris is a very talented and intelligent person when it comes to the game of basketball. He teaches tactical skills to all his students from all ages to make them improve their in-game plays, he’s also a very encouraging coach whom always will support you and believe in your goals."

Shayan Moaref 

youth athlete

"Chris has been coaching my son since last year. Chris is very attentive and provides tailored feedback based on each player. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!"

Ayumi Hara


"Coach Chris was the perfect choice for my son!
There has been an incredible improvement in his offensive performance, his defensive ability, and a noticeable increase in basketball IQ.

At each session, Coach Chris takes the time to explain and break down different basketball techniques across all areas of the game, while creating a fun, encouraging environment for my son to grow and develop.

I highly recommend Coach Chris for all aspiring young ballers."

Jason Webb


"Coach Chris is a great coach who understands how to motivate and train young bballs. He teaches them to train and play the right way, often what they learn is more than just basketball but skills for life."

Jeffery Wang


"Coach Chris is a great teacher of the game. Was able to identify some weaknesses in my game that needed attention and was able to guide me in those areas. Overall, has great leadership skills and the motor to help you achieve and inspire you to do great things on the court."

Richard Popovic

NBL1 Sydney Comets Player

"My son is going through training and his experience is beyond exceptional, definitely a positive change in his skills and technique in a short period. I can say that he’s fairly quicker and more focused and we love watching him play!!!"

Milton Moss


"Hey there! Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Coach Chris at RISE Youth Basketball Academy. He is not just a coach; he's like the MVP of making basketball awesome and easy to understand :)


His vibe is so positive and encouraging; it feels like you're learning from a friend. I never thought I'd say this about a coach, but he's genuinely cool! What I love most is how he cares about more than just the game. He's all about teamwork, being disciplined, and pushing yourself.

If you get a chance to be coached by him, take it! Thanks, Coach Chris, for being the awesome mentor in the game of basketball!"

Shengjie Yu


"Coach Chris is a legend! I have been coached my him on many occasions in the past and I have many words to say about him and his coaching. Coach Chris has helped improve at basketball at an amazing amount and his teaching is easy to understand while being thorough. He is also an incredible person, extremely kind to everyone he meets and inspires everyone around him with his deep passion in basketball. I cannot thank Coach Chris enough for what he has done for me and I hope he succeeds with RISE.


Nicky T

youth athlete

"Been working with Chris for the past two years on basketball and general fitness. So much improvement even at 37 years old. I honestly enjoyed every session"

Ray Liang


"This camp is great especially because of Coach Chris. He is an amazing coach that helped me during my practice of Basketball."

Ace x Jasuh

youth athlete

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