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Meet Coach Chris, a seasoned basketball mentor with an impressive 13-year coaching journey. Widely regarded as Sydney's secret weapon, Coach Chris is the go-to for sharpening the skills of semi-professional players who seek his expertise in shooting, footwork, and court IQ through private sessions. Despite his popularity among seasoned athletes, Coach Chris's true passion lies in youth development. This passion led him to establish RISE, responding to a surge in requests from his private clientele for a comprehensive basketball skills camp under his mentorship.


In describing his coaching style, Coach Chris emphasises empowerment, aiming to instil confidence and capability in his students both on and off the court. Adopting a role more akin to a teacher than a mere trainer, he seeks to ensure that every session leaves his students not only as improved athletes but as better individuals. Coach Chris enjoys unravelling the thought process behind each program or exercise, considering it crucial for his students to understand the 'whys' behind the practices rather than blindly following instructions.


In his own words, Coach Chris encourages his students to "trust the process." He firmly believes that with dedication and consistency, reaching one's goals is not a matter of 'if,' but 'when.'

Our Team
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Join us at RISE Youth Academy, where we go beyond the game, cultivating both athletic prowess and character development.


Together, let's RISE to new heights!

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