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Class Passes – Flexible Basketball Training for Busy Families!

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In today’s busy world, flexibility is more important than ever—especially for families juggling multiple schedules. At RISE Youth Basketball Academy, we understand that commitment can be challenging, which is why we offer Class Passes. Designed for families who need adaptability with their commitments, our Class Passes allow you to enjoy our basketball programs on your terms. Here’s how you can benefit from this flexible option.

What Are Class Passes?

Class Passes at RISE Youth Basketball Academy are pre-purchased sessions that you can use to enrol your child in our basketball classes without committing to a full term. These passes are perfect for parents who are unsure about their schedules or for children who are trying basketball for the first time and might not be ready for a regular commitment.

How Do Class Passes Work?

  1. Purchase Your Passes: Buy a set of Class Passes based on how often you think your child will be able to attend. Passes come in packs of 1, 2, 3... 8 classes!

  2. Book Your Spot: Select the start date for your first session, and we'll schedule you for weekly attendance until your Class Passes are used up. If your availability varies, no problem! Just send us an email with the dates you can attend, and we’ll make the adjustments for you.

  3. Enjoy the Flexibility: Bring your child to the class without any long-term commitments or fixed schedules.

Benefits of Class Passes:

  • Flexibility: Attend sessions that fit your family’s schedule. Choose what works for you each week!

  • Convenience: Purchase passes in advance and use them when it suits you best throughout the term.

  • No Long-Term Commitment: Perfect for trying out our programs before committing to a full term.

With Class Passes, RISE Youth Basketball Academy continues to support family flexibility while providing high-quality basketball training. Whether you’re managing a busy schedule or just testing the waters, our Class Passes offer a convenient solution to fit basketball into your child’s life.


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