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Rising Stars: Intermediate (4-5PM)

Basketball Skills for 9 yrs & up with a budding passion for basketball

Service Description

Welcome to "Rising Stars," the perfect class for 9 to 15-year-olds with a budding passion for basketball. This intermediate level class is specially crafted for young athletes already familiar with the game. This program aims to enhance their understanding, skills, and confidence, preparing them for half-court and full-court basketball games. The intermediate level focuses on building a strong foundation through engaging, educational, and interactive sessions. What the Rising Stars (Intermediate) Program Offers: Skill Advancement: Elevate fundamental skills in a fun and interactive manner. Game Readiness: Prepare for half-court and full-court games. Motor Skills Enhancement: Develop physical coordination and agility. Teamwork Emphasis: Introduction to 3v3, 4v4, & 5v5 games highlighting teamwork. Course Structure: The program spans ten sessions, aligning with the school term and emphasising specific skill sets. The cost for the term is $295 (Introductory Fee), with reductions for late joiners or those attending fewer than 10 sessions. Weekly Focus: Week 1: Footwork and Movement Mechanics Week 2: Ball Handling Week 3: Ball Handling Week 4: Passing Week 5: Shooting Week 6: Ball Handling and Shooting Week 7: Defense and Teamwork Week 8: Attacking Moves & Footwork Week 9: Teamwork and Communication Join us for an exciting journey of skill advancement, game readiness, and teamwork!

Contact Details

  • Baringa Avenue & Koobilya St, Seaforth NSW 2092, Australia

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